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Our Females!!! 

Babsha :Shorthair 76 cm . 75 kg


Babsha Limba Eve of Power's Future: born: 01-10-2004

Daughter from Samy v.Fugerhof X Limba Eva v/d Asheuvel

To tell about Babsha is difficult !! she is nice to anybody she nows,she is careful for anybody she not nows. She is a real hugdog but a stranger most give her time.Five minutes is most of time enough and dog candy’s does wonders.She is petulant but nice.She is playing the hole day.She is a accidentbird in a injury ! one fly wasp is enough to bring her home with a fat eye. She is a beauteful steadfast girl with a massive head and hir eyes will do you heart melt,she is honest and faithful.She was only 11 months as us C litters was born but she cared and coddle since the day she sow born the litters. She can share with te others and is not jealous quick. She is extreme!!!! We are proud on our girl.

faithful Babsha. Our Baron Babbel.


Bailynn: Shorthair 78 cm .72 kg.

Bailynn Limba Eve of Power's Future: born: 01-10-2004

Daughter from Samy v.Fugerhof X Limba Eva v/d Asheuvel test

Bailynn is a girl in many thing likes her daddy,when she was born was it love at first site. Bailynn is a born herdleader,self-assured and a tasty conceited.
Always busy...................without pressure.
always help.................without stay in the way.
If the cats somethings wanted ! Bailynn tell us. If i been forgot open the door to the rabbits!!! I can't forget Bailynn do care.
Uproar in the herdl............forget it !! One look of Bailynn and rest all over again.
She was early 11 months when this job became on her shoulders because Vannah at that time herdleader to young died.When Vannah forgood her beautifull eye’s closed Bailynn cryed a half our .Afther that she was real quitly and walkt past between the other girls she lookt definite,and she was the herdleader.without growl and flat.Only that look was enough for the others to convince of here status.
Bailynn is a girl that understands ! Without words.
Bailynn is a girl to love ! And we do very very much.

Bailynn our tasty Spinke. Bailynn our Princess Snuffle.


Carly : Shorthair 74 cm . 63 kg

Carly Robbyn Ulay of Power's Future: born:28-08-2005. test

Daughter from Samy v.Fugerhof X Robbyn Limba Radja v/d Asheuvel.

Carly is a quiescent girl,everyones friend and a cuddle. Carly is a girl she don’t like quarrel in the herd she most like Bailynn . Carly is the mother careful for people and animals. She learnd easy and gladly but all must happen in quiescent,no hard voices or words.She had her own be willing to ....and....she know that always beautiful to dress,sneaky she is and she utilize that . She knows exactly by how and howfar she can go,always on her own quiescent manner . She had the quiescent of her grandma and the cheerful and happynes of her daddy and mammy. She can walk with happynes her backside shaked here tail turning around and around ( this she has from Aunt Vannah). She is a beautiful steadfast girl she wins some glorify . Who can tell in the future. She is not to buy o no ! So attractive Bear whe don't can miss.

Carly is our darling. Our own Callie Parkertje


Cayen : Shorthair 76 cm . 73 kg

Champ:Cayen Robbyn Ulay of Power's Future


Year Winster HSBC 2007

ClubWinster 2008

Best of Breed 2008

born : 28-08-2005

Daughter from Samy v.Fugerhof X Robbyn Limba Radja v/d Asheuvel test


Cayen is our beauty,a realy beauty.A girl that very good listening but.....a pigheaded like nowbody other.A girl that did it very well on school all the time.....intent her own. Cayen is a girl with her own be willing to. A girl that knows wath acuity is.In the Zoo,Playground for children ore building store Cayen is the attraction.How she do it!! We don’t know ! .She standing with her beautiful head with a look oke !!! ai me. She is a Actress but genuinely is genuinely it is a delight to have her around us. We won’t miss her for oll the Money in the world.She is our little Star.

Cayen is our Angel. Our Golden Star



 Caily: Longhair 78 cm . 70 kg


Caily Robbyn Ulay of Power's Future : born : 28-08-2005 test

Daughter from Samy v.Fugerhof X Robbyn Limba Radja v/d Asheuvel.

  Caily is our scoundrei,always plesure,always fun,and always active Listening !! Wath is that !!!Yes Yes I do later.She heart and see nothing at all when she is playing.Our circusdog,durig stroll she knows the biggest snarldogs to challence to play with here.We are sometimes afraid a dog bite her but wonder above wonder she get the best from other dogs.This she get from her mamma,but...there is hope because Robbyn is stil become calm. Homy close she is ,she can do so intimate and innermost. She can sleep so nicely and tired she drop on her pew at evening and snort al night. And whe ........when those petulant eyes closed find it “nice” restful.

She is our little Witch. Our Doll.test

Evanah: Longhair cm . kg

Evanah Caily of Power's Future : born : 02-06-2008 test

Daughter from Zorro v.Fugerhof X Caily Robbyn Ulay of Power's Future.

Her name comes from Eva....her Great Great Grand-mother and Ruvannah our first never forgotten first Bernard female.

She has the character of her Grandmother Robbyn,thats also the reason we choiced her.She eats,plays and sleeps with our other sweetgirls.Am most she likes her Mom-Aunt Babsha and Aunt Carly.Since she is 12 weeks she go to school and she learn ho to swim together with her brothers Fire,Cayo and Vito.Her first snow.......it was vehement for her but sure for us.Come inside..........no no no-hours she runs and jumps like a stag beetle.An splendid acquisition she is and also her Granny our Sun at Home.We don't know she ever wins at shows but for us not important.Surly not ! Our little girl she gives us the feeling we found back a importent link. She makes us complete.

  Our Shorty Vanah - Our New Sunny Beam test










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