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Since my early youth,I've had already the desire to have SINT BERNARDS.

Although i've grown up among happy circumestonces with alot of animals in around the house,my parents never attrackted to a Sint Bernard.

Why not?

At our home it was all about the (German) Great Danes.

Although when we have built our own nest,we had Great Danes pups as well adoption Danes.( and this species will always have a special place in our heart),But the desire to have a Sint Bernard still exist.

And finially it happened on 26 juli 1997,our first Sint Bernard;a sweet beatiful shorthair male,named POWER.

This pup was entrusted to us,and I will always be thankful for that.

The desire to breed ourselves,has gradvally born.

We only wanted a Sint Bernard and this boy became our biggest love.


By a lucky cancidence we came in the possession of a wonderfull girl ( at the breeders of Power ).

We named her RUVANNAH,our princess.

Than as wel having in the back of our mind when Vannah was old enough,we could sterilize her.

We went through the whole country for dog expositions with both of our dogs,where they did great.

Our Power became Champion and year Champion twice.

Our Vannah also became Champion and year Champion.

schilderij schilderij

Gradvally the idea,fed bij the breeders of our Champs,sneaked in to breed ourself.

Information to learn as much as possible,al saw paying attentionand look around.What do we want!And what types of Sint Bernards do we like?

Of cours going back to school to get the necessary diplomas,at least we found this necessary.

I'am now in the possession of my KK1 and followed the whole KK2.I'm alsow in the possession of the Animal first aid and followed the cours tests in behavior at Martin Gaus.

After that we request for a kennelname ( at the supervision of command).

This name was easily born.It had to be 'of Powers Future' and luck was with us,because this name was still not taken.

As a lot of things in the word alsaw breeding was with ups and downs.It's dogged does it ! Now we ar the proud owners of 7 beautiful girls,who life all cosy in our home.When pups are born.It all happens where all the girls enjoy and where everyone assist while birth been givin,but as well the weeks after.

We only breed with HD and ED X-RAYED parents.who have judges by the rules of the H.S.B.C.Ofcours we had to sacrifice hobbies,simply becouse the lack of time and energy,but.....we regain something back that is so wonderfull and beautiful namely: a lot of love and neverending loyalty.And never, really never I had ever dreamt that my youth wish give so much satisfaction and get us where we are right now.

Please share this love with us! we look forward to!

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